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Character DescriptionCharacter Name
Is transgender. Got shot at prom
Was a tough girl. Became lesbian with Paige. Became a stripper
Is Muslim. Lost her virginity when 14. Runs away from home.
Started LARPing. On and off with Sav. Befriends Riley. Develops cocaine addiction
Was popular until she took ecstasy. On and off with Jimmy. Reunites with Craig and moves to Europe
A ****, and boyfriend stealer. On and off with Drew
He is a relaxed, artsy guy. Holly J. tries to have sex with him.
Catches Dave pour urine on his locker. Throws a urine balloon at Dave.
She is the writer of The Anti-Grape Vine Blog, and is known as the gossip queen of Degrassi. Captain of Power Squad
Dates K.C., Eli, and Jake. Is Darcy's younger sister.
Is diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome. He starts to steal underwear from Miss Oh, Fiona, and other girls at Degrassi, which leads to him being suspended.
Abused by dad. Is the lead singer of the band Downtown Sasquatch. Is bipolar
He hooks up with Manny Santos the night of J.T.'s death. Cheats on Emma with Liberty
Dates Leia and Chantay. Is Liberty's younger brother.
Straight-laced Christian. Is Clare's older sister. Gets raped in season 7. Tries to commit suicide.
Chantay's cousin. Pours urine on Bruce's locker. Is dating Alli
Makes Peter get addicted to crystal meth. His sister kisses him. Tries to have sex with Holly J.
Bullys Jane Vaughn. Is adopted
On and off with Bianca. Develops posttraumatic stress disorder. Is Adam's stepbrother
Taints Fitz's drink. Dates Clare and Imogen. Is bipolar
Was Goth, Mom suffers from alcoholism. Kisses Craig
Contracted gonorrhea. Had anorexia and bulimia. Has a pregnancy scare. Smokes weed. Marries Spinner
Dates Adam, Riley, Bobby, and Charlie. Is lesbian and is in love with Holly J.
Hates Alex Nunez. Dates Jimmy. Insecure about Muslim Heritage
Dates Toby, Declan, and Blue. Best friends with Fiona. Has a kidney disease and needs a transplant. Is adopted.
Stalks Eli. Is confused about her sexuality after kissing Fiona on the ferris wheel.
Dates Clare and the two were about to have sex. Their parents were getting married.
On and off with Liberty. Gets Liberty pregnant. Gets stabbed in his aorta by a Lakehurst student.
He is involved with several illegal and inappropriate activities, such as stealing from Degrassi in season 3. Allows Emma to perform oral sex on him.
Character DescriptionCharacter Name
Member of Power Squad. Dates K.C. and gets preganant. She starts taking diet pills, and suffered from anal leakage
Member of football team. Dated Spinner. Best friends with Holly J.
Is rich. Gets shot by Rick. Got paralyzed in the legs. On and off with Ashley.
Was present during JT's death. Took Alli's virginity. Has a genital wart
Is bulimic. Dating Drew. Tears her ACL. Overdoses on codeine and oxy
Lives in a group home. Dates Clare, Jenna, and Marisol. Gets Jenna pregnant
Dates Emma Nelson. He takes the blame for Emma when she bakes weed brownies and is forced to leave the residence hall.
Really smart. Dates JT. Gets pregnant with JT's baby. Attends Smithdale University
Hooks up with many guys. Gets pregnant in season 3. BFFs with Emma
Is gay. Almost has sex with Ellie Nash. Rooms with Ellie, Paige, and Griffin
Best friends with Katie. Dates Mo and KC.
Sister of Katie. Is a musical prodigy
Had a child when she was 13. Becomes a model. Performs sexual acts to increase career. Dates Peter, Danny, and Lucas
Dates Marisol. Likes Music
Is homophobic. Is dating Anya. Hazes Drew
Gets raped in Season 2. Becomes lesbian with Alex. Smoked weed
Dates Emma, Darcy, and Mia. Was in The Studz. Worked at The Dot
Is gay. On the football team. Dates Zane. Hazes Drew
Alli's older brother. On and off with Anya. Kisses Miss Oh
Kills Rick. Gets arrested. Dates Emma and Ellie
Has ADHD. Gets expelled because he bullied Rick. Had testicular cancer. Dates Jane. Gets married to Emma
Is overweight. Dates Rick. Falls into coma when Rick abused her.
Suffered from bulimia. Seriously affected by JT's death.
Interested in the Power Squad. Spoiled. Is dating Zig
Owen's younger brother. Is gay. Best friends with Tori. Likes Adam
Unpopular. Makes a band with Connor and Dave
Is openly gay. Dates Riley. Goes to an LGBT mixer
Is a bad boy. Is dating Tori
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