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2009Marc Webb
1999Gil Junger
2010Danny Boyle
1971Stanley Kubrick
1987Wes Craven
2018John Krasinski
1999Sam Mendes
1998Tony Kaye
2000Mary Harron
1981John Landis
2017Edgar Wright
2005Christopher Nolan
1991Gary Trousdale/Kirk Wise
1988Tim Burton
1988Penny Marshall
1986David Lynch
2011Paul Feig
1992Bernard Rose
1991Martin Scorsese
1978George Romero
1985George Romero
2007DJ Caruso
2001Richard Kelly
2009Sam Raimi
2011Nicolas Winding Refn
1994Peter Farrelly/Bobby Farrelly
2010Will Gluck
1981Sam Raimi
1986John Hughes
1985Tom Holland
2017Jordan Peele
1984Ivan Reitman
1989Ivan Reitman
1990Martin Scorsese
1978Randal Kleiser
1993Harold Ramis
1978John Carpenter
2010David Yates
2011David Yates
2005Mike Newell
2009David Yates
2004Alfonso Cuaron
1987Clive Barker
2018Ari Aster
2007Edgar Wright
2010Christopher Nolan
2017Andy Muschietti
1990Tommy Lee Wallace
2016Damien Chazelle
1986Frank Oz
1997David Lynch
2003Sofia Coppola
2003Richard Curtis
2015George Miller
2008Phyllidia Lloyd
2018Ol Parker
2001Pete Docter/Lee Unkrich
2001Baz Luhrmann
2001David Lynch
2010Mark Romanek
1975Milos Forman
1979Don Coscarelli
1986Howard Deutch
1960Alfred Hitchcock
1994Quentin Tarantino
1998Hideo Nakata
1996Baz Lurhmann
1979Tobe Hooper
1983Brian DePalma
1996Wes Craven
1988Richard Donner
1995David Fincher
2004Edgar Wright
1984John Hughes
1986Rob Reiner
1976Martin Scorsese
1991James Cameron
1999Daniel Myrick
1935James Whale
1989Joe Dante
2008Christopher Nolan
1978Michael Cimino
2006Martin Scorsese
1972Francis Ford Coppola
1994Roger Allers/Rob Minkoff
1987Joel Schumacher
1987Fred Dekker
2004Nick Cassavetes
1975Jim Sharman
1993Agnieszka Holland
1994Frank Darabont
1980Stanley Kubrick
1991Jonathan Demme
1985Rob Reiner
1974Tobe Hooper
2013Nat Faxon
1973Robin Hardy
2013Martin Scorsese
1997James Cameron
1996Danny Boyle

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