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... Slap it on a bisquit.Psych
Look at Sweet Dee, handing down life lessons from her cloud of judgement to all the sinners.It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
It's grrrrrrape... soda.The Office
... They drove a dump-truck full of money to my house... I'm not made of stone.The Simpsons
See y'all next year!Family Guy
Betrayal five!Scrubs
Come on... you know? I wumbo, you wumbo, he, she, we... wumbo?Spongebob Squarepants
Bad luck and extreme misfortune will infest your pathetic soul for all eternity.Rocko's Modern Life
If you come in peace, surrender or be destroyed... if your here to make war, we surrender.Futurama
Maybe I don't have to be special... That it's okay to be a normal watchmaker. Can't you just tell me that's enough?Heroes

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