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Can you name the Characters that Died on The Simpsons?

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Method of DeathCharacterEpisode
This character died of heart problems. Surprisingly, they did not die from never visiting the dentistRound Springfield
This character is found dead in an armchair. They are creamated and then their ashes are released from on top of a specific mountain at 3:00 PM on a specific date to thwart Mr. Bur(Character) Leaves-a
In The Simpsons Movie, this character died from a large piece of glass that fell on themThe Simpsons Movie
This character died of a burst left ventricle, but Grampa says they died of a broken heartOld Money
After recieving an award for 'Springfield's Oldest Man,' this character recieves a kiss from Britney Spears and dies of a heart attackThe Mansion Family
Death came to this character after they eat a pickled egg at Moe'sMommie Beerest
This group had their barge eaten away by pollution and either drowned or died from the polluted lake they fell inThe Simpsons Movie
This character died from bowel obstructions, and left their pet iguana Jub-Jub to her sister Jacqueline, which eventually ended up in Selma's possessionSelma's Choice
Owner of the Pretzel Wagon franchise, this character died in a car crashThe Twisted World of Marge Simpson
Method of DeathCharacterEpisode
During a mental breakdown, this person grabbed high voltage wires and was fatally electrocutedHomer's Enemy
This character died of a heart attack when they found out that Homer is a snitch for the governmentDonnie Fatso
This character died from overdosing in front of a sign that says 'Don't Stand Up on the Roller Coaster.'Jazzy and the Pussycats
This person was at the Springfield Speedway and is knocked off high bleachers by T-Shirt CannonsAlone Again, Natura-diddly
Homer gave this character a $100 for ice cream and asked for change. The character died while trying to make said changeIce Cream of Margie (With the Light Blue Hair)
This character drowned themself in Swigmore University's lakeHomer the Moe
To save Springfield, this character entered a highly radioactive area and died of radiation poisoningThe Blunder Years
This character died of food poisoning from the 'Sir Loin-a-Lot'Maximum Homerdrive
Aside from Grampa Simpson and Mr. Burns, this person was the last to die from the Flying Hellfish (Cause of death is unknown, possibly old age)The Curse of the Flying Hellfish

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