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Can you name the Death, Black and Thrash metal bands?

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Altars of Madness, Covenant, Domination
Morbid Tales, To Mega Therion, Cold Lake
In the Nightside Eclipse, Anthems to the Welkin at Dusk, IX Equilibrium
Eaten Back to Life, Vile, Kill
In the Sign of Evil, Persecution Mania, Agent Orange
A Blaze in the Northern Sky, Transilvanian Hunger, Hate Them
Extreme Conditions..., Need to Control, Sounds of the Animal Kingdom
Pleasure to Kill, Extreme Aggression, Coma of Souls
The Principle of Evil Made Flesh, Dusk... and Her Embrace, Midian
Left Hand Path, Clandestine, Inferno
Infernal Overkill, Eternal Devastation, The Antichrist
Infernal Battles, Kénôse, Fas - Ite Maledicti in Ignem Aeternum
Effigy of the Forgotten, Pierced from Within, Blood Oath
Schizophrenia, Arise, Roots
Bergtatt, Nattens Madrigal, Perdition City
Unchain the Wolves, Phoenix Rising, Defiance
History of a Time to Come, Dreamweaver, Morning Has Broken
The Sun of Tiphareth, The Third Storm of Cythraul, Tara
Melissa, Don't Break the Oath, Time
Totem, Black Seed, Iconoclast

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