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Can you name the teen (or 20-ish) movie that shares a word with the next answer?

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DescriptionTitleYear of Film
1990's red-headed 'teen queen' marries1990
Sandler acts like a teen, and sings to Drew1998
Teen star Mandy Moore decides to marry2007
Corey Haim and Corey Feldman learn to operate a car1088
Vincent Chase dates Sabrina the teenage witch1999
Cusack befriends Demi way before she met Bruce1986
Courtney Thorne Smith as an under-achieving student1987
Basketball or singing, what should Zac Efron do?2006
Jeff Spicoli and Mr. Hand in the all-time teen classic1982
Robin Williams and Kurt Russel re-live HS football1986
Long before Twilight teens grew fangs1987
Teen idol Anna Faris is in a love triangle with 'Suoer Uma'2006
What kind of name is 'McLovin' anyway?2007
Sean Penn goes to juvie and leaves Ally behind1983
Connie Francis is looking for love during Spring Break1960
Natalie Portman is a pregnant teen in Oklahoma2000
Lisa Bonet is a wild New Orleans voodoo teen1987
Phoebe Cates in a love triangle with a 'heavenly visitor'1987
Ethan Hawke has a fun time with a credit card1991
Danny Glover plays a 'Scooby Doo' type detective 2009
Parents found it offensive, but teens found these puppets hilaroius 2004
teenage friends from Cleveland move to NYC. (with Colin Farrell) 2004
DescriptionTitleYear of Film
Jonathan Taylor Thomas races home for the holidays1998
teenager, Ethan Embry helps his divorced parents re-unite at the holidays1991
Sarah Jessica Parker and Helen Hunt are dancing teens 1985
Geena Davis shows some aliens the dating scene of the 1980's1988
Brandon Frazier and his teen son go way way underground2008
Teen air guitarists battle the grim reaper1989
Teen air guitarists give a history rpesentation1991
Jesse Eisenberg falls for Kristen Stewart2009
Kristen Stewart in a love triangle with mom, Meg Ryan2007
Mel Gibson can read his teenage daughter's mind2000
Jennifer Love Hewitt is stalked for a fatal hit-n-run1997
Cybil Shepherd is a teen beauty in Texas1971
former teen, Rob Lowe dates Demi Moore1986
Mean Julia Stiles gets wooed by cool Heath Ledger1999
Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey teach us what not to do2003
Keri Russel is adored by her next door neighbor2003
John Cusack, Charlie Sheen and D.B. Sweeney when they were young1988
Jay Baruchel goes way above his dating status2010
Freddie Prize jr. gives Rache Leigh Cook a makeover1999
Liv Tyler is the biggest fan of the 'one hit' WONDERS1996
Popular girl, Hayden Panetteire is adored by a nerd2009
Sidney Poitier teaches tough British teens1967

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