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What type of pathogen caused the Irish Potato Blight?
Where did taro originate from?
An underground stem which stores food in the stem itself
An example of a corm
80% of sweet potatoes are produced in this country
What structure is found under the cortex of a potato?
The family which includes, potatoes, tomatoes, tobacco and nightshade
Solanum tuberosum
An example of a tuberous root
Potatoes and cassava are in this class
In which country did potatoes become introduced to Europe?
What shape are Solonaceae flowers?
In what organelle are starches stored?
A starchy, firm banana is actually a
What is a difficulty in harvesting yams?
How many types of sweet potato are there?
Where were potatoes were domesticated?
Who introduced sweet potatoes to Spain?
What is cassava deficient in?
Are sweet potatoes monocots or dicots?
An example of a stem tuber
Helianthus tuberosus
Where is the highest amount of starch found?
What part of the cattail can be ground into flour?
Which vitamin are potatoes high in?
Musa spp (monocot)
An underground stem which stores nutrients in leaves
Wild yams are which type of storage structure?
What chemical is present in wild yams?
Colocasia esculenta
Breadfruit tastes like bread when it is
Ipomoea batatas
Yams contain diosgenin, which converts into
African slaves in this location used breadfruit as food
Is taro a monocot or dicot?
Arrowroot tubers were used by natives to heal this affliction
What environmental condition is required by cassava to grow?
'Sweet' and 'bitter' cassava both contain this chemical
The brown spots on bananas are due to
Where is taro popularly eaten today?
An enlarged storage tip of a rhizome
Maranta sp
Manihot esculenta
Where did cassava originate?
The centre of a potato is known as a
A horizontal underground stem is called a
What causes cyanide to be produced in cassava?
Where are bananas native?
A horizontal stem found above ground is a
What mineral is found in high amounts in taro?
Artocarpus altilis
Yams, Taro and Bananas are in this class
What is inulin digested into?
Dioscorea species
Where is the highest amount of protein found?
What tuber contains high amounts of inulin?
Name a producer of cassava
A fleshy root which stores nutrients
How is cassava reproduced?
Sweet potatoes are rich in this chemical

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