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Vanilla grows on this plant structure
This spice is propagated via corms
Syzgium aromaticum
In alphabetical order, the 4 flavours are
Ginger is from this plant part
This spice can treat upset stomach and nausea, and has anticancer, antiinflammatory and antioxidant properties
Rosemary is native to
Cinnamon is mostly
Nutmeg is from this plant part
Trigeminal nerves are stimulated upon this sensation
This spice loses flavour fast once powdered
Bacteria and fungi are inhibited by these compounds
Cinnamon: Magnoliopsida or Liliopsida?
A small tree, native to China/Vietnam, with a star shaped fruit
Oriental Magnoliopsida spice from a medium-sized tree
Curcuma longa
3 most expensive spices, in order
The volatile oil of cinnamon is
A perennial spice with a name derived from Sanskrit stringa-vera
'North American cinnamon'
Allium schoenoprasum
This spice's fruit must be eaten by a bird to germinate
The active chemical of cloves
Allium porrum
A 'vermifuge' is a substance which kills
What country is the modern major supplier of cinnamon?
Apiaceae are rich in these two vitamins
Pimerta dioica (a dicot)
This age was marked with few spices available in Europe
Cloves are native to
Allium cepa
A good generalization is that herbs come from BLANK regions while spices come from BLANK regions
Black pepper is from this plant part
Cloves are from this plant part
Origanum vulgare
The flavour umami can also be called
These are plant substances that release a fragrance when burned
This spice has been used for antibacterial and antiseptic properties, for toothaches, and in perfumes and soaps
The spice from saffron is from its
What is the King of spices?
Biggest producer of cloves
Rome was held ransom for 3000 pounds of this spice
A single saffron flower has this many stigmas
This spice has been noted to relieve pain and help with rheumatism, flu and colds
A dicot spice native to the Spice Islands
The type of fruit of Piper nigrum is a
This plant's oil is used to flavour liquorice,cakes and biscuits
Turmeric is from this plant part
Mentha spicata
Herbs are distinguishable from spices because herbs generally come from a plant's
Allium sativum

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