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This is the hottest pepper
A citrus berry with a leathery rind
Pumpkins, melons and cucumbers are this type of fruit
Solanaceae family
Cucurbitaceae family
Peppers are in this family
A fleshy fruit surrounding a hardened seed
Brassicaceae family
Onions come from
Musaceae family
Chenopodiaceae family
Kale is in this family
Fagales, Fagaceae and Betulaceae are families of
A relative of spinach is
A cabbage and a turnip cross to make a
Has a ripened plant ovary containing seeds
A function of bromelain in pineapples is as a
Lemons and oranges are an example of this type of fruit
Celery, parsnips and carrots originate from this area
Asteraceae family
Asparagaceae family
Cashews are from
Anacardiaceae family
Wild type of all Brassicaceae vegetables
Sugar beet is in this family
Fruit from a flowering plant
Tomatoes and grapes are this type of fruit
Vitaceae family
Rosaceae family
Mangos are from
Apples and pears are an example of this type of fruit
Berry with a tough leathery rind
Ericaceae family
Garlic comes from
Bromeliaceae family
Fruit wall develops from ovary wall
Peaches and mangoes are this type of fruit
Apiaceae family
Leeks come from
Alliaceae family

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