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Can you answer the trivia questions to the first Futurama movie Bender's Big Score?

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What future love interest does Leela meet at the doctor's office in the beginning of the movie? 
Whose face, along with the time code, is tattooed on Fry's rear end? 
According to the Scammers, what do their sprungers engorge in the presence of? 
What type of marine mammal is Leelu? 
On which planet inhabited by yetis and Robot Santa do the characters find themselves in exile? 
Which character is decapitated in the beginning scene? 
Which year does Fry flee to when running from the Scammers? 
Back in old New York, Fry lives in the storage room above what business? 
Who orders anti-depressants (in reality just Hairibo gummi fungus) from the Scammers? 
Who in fact is Lars Fillmore? 
What two words are tattooed on the Professor's back? 
Who drives and crashes the hybrid cab (Hybraxi) that Bender takes to chase Fry around New York? 
Used variously as feed for heads and a bomb defuser (among many other uses), what powdered product appears throughout the movie? 
According to Zapp Brannigan (and very typical of him), 'perhaps a _____ _____ would knock the insubordination out of [Lars].' 
Who is the private collector looking to purchase some of the Professor's doomsday devices? 
What is Michelle's (Fry's 20th Century girlfriend) new boyfriend's name? 
Which noisy section of the Head Museum does Leela find 'so romantic'? 
The Scammers plan to turn New New York into a private hunting preserve for what animal? 
Barbados Slim is the only person to have gold medals in what two events? 
Uttered by Bender reacting to the tear in space, what are the final two spoken words of dialogue in the film? 
What character is 'introduced' in the opening credits, though only seen once very briefly in a later scene? 
What is the name of the 'educational' institution that spams Bender in need of research subjects to rate top-quality roborotica? 
What 3 ingredients, apparently, comprise the Colonel's secret recipe? 
Which floor is the cryogenic lab on? 
What TV show is the theme of Fry's 2000 calendar? 
What cartoon is featured on the TV billboard in the opening sequence? 
What city did Leelu become disoriented and wash up in? 
How much porn (ie, amount of data) did Bender have stored that was subsequently deleted along with the obedience virus? 
What is the domain of Bender's email address ( 
Who DJs the limbo party in the opening scene? 

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