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Depth 5: Trade Union Militancy, 1917-27?

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During the first world war, how much did Trade Union membership increase by?
What was the name of the body that represent the unions collectively?
Where was there a wave of rent strikes in 1915?
How many tenants joined these strikes by the end of 1915?
What did the government fear these might damage?
Who were the three members of the Triple Alliance?
What did James Maxton encourage the Labour party to adopt?
When did the NUR call a national strike?
Who intervened with this strike and helped guarantee the maintenance of wages for another year?
When was the forty-hour strike?
Who threatened to shut off Glasgow's power stations and 'paralyse the business of the city'?
What was formed in August 1920 to prevent Britian becoming involved in a war against Russia?
What did Lloyd George reject that betrayed coal miners?
What proportion of the male workforce did coal miners make up?
What was used instead of coal after the war?
What was the long term problem with Britain's mines?
When did miners first go on strike for higher wages and were supported by railwaymen and transport workers?
What did Parliament pass in response?
When was Black Friday?
Who demanded that the miners resume talks?
What word could be used to describe Black Friday?
How much were miners wages cut in June 1925?
What was announced on Red Friday by Baldwin?
What was launched in March 1926?
When was the General Strike?
What percentage of railwaymen stayed on strike until it was called off?
Volunteers from what class were used to combat the impacts of the strike?
A convoy of how many lorries went to the docks on 8 May?
Who were the government able to rely on?
Who said nothing critical about the government or the strikers?
Which newspaper attacked the strikers?
How many days did the strike last?
Some employers would now only take on what sort of labour?
What act was introduced by the government in 1927?

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