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Depth study 4: The WSPU 1903-1914?

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Forced Order
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Some women were what?
Where did women already have the vote?
When was the NUWSS formed?
When did the WSPU form?
What were the WSPU frustrated with?
Which family was the WSPU founded by?
When did Christabel Pankhurt and Annie Kenney interrupt a liberal speech in Manchester?
What happened to Christabel and Kenney?
What became common?
When was E.Pankhurst imprisoned?
What were cut?
What were set fire to?
What was used at a railway station?
When was the first conciliation bill introduced into parliament?
Which member of the House of Commons ruled that an amendment to a Franchise Bill to extend the vote to women was not allowed?
What were women forbidden from attending?
What often happened after Asquith rejected bills?
When was Black Friday?
How many women marched to the House of Commons on black friday?
Between 1906 and 1914, how many suffragettes were imprisoned?
When did the first suffragette go on a hunger strike?
How many prisoners followed and went on hunger strikes?
What was introduced in 1913?
Who jumped in front of the Kings horse at the Epsom Derby?
Who was the loss of advantage due to?
What did militancy alienate?
When was Sylvia expelled from the WSPU?
After 1912, what were suffragette meetings met with?
Who did the Liberals fear would benefit if the vote was given to propertied women?
What other forceful issue provided the government with a more pressing concern?
What crisis occurred in 1911 that also distracted parliament?

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