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What policy did Lenin introduce in 1918?
The NEP saw grain production rise from 37m tons in 1921 to how much tons by 1926?
How many deaths were there in the famine under Lenin?
War communism saw food production drop to what percent of the 1913 figure?
What rising did food requisitioning lead to?
What rose rapidly in the first three years of the NEP?
By how much did steel production increase by between 1921 and 1926?
By 1921, what percentage of the 1913 was industrial production at?
What decree did gave little incentive to improve production
Between 1928 and 1930, the number of what halved?
How much did grain production decline by between 1928 and 1934?
What was the name given to the famine?
What was the growth rate between 1928 and 1941?
How much did steel production increase between 1927 and 1937?
What was the name of one project that was successfully completed?
How many died during the building of the White Sea Canal?
How many tractors did Stalingrad tractor factory produce in one month?
What was virtually ignored under Stalin?
The production of what dropped during the first FYP?
What percent of produce was wasted under Stalin?
What was opened in 1935?
How many tractors were provided for the Virgin Land Scheme?
Food production increased by how much between 1953 and 1958?
The income of what group doubled?
In which republic were grain targets not met?
A lack of what led to Maize Mania?
Where did the USSR still have to import grain from?
Who was the first man in space?
What was the annual growth rate under Khrushchev?
Output of what increased?
What did the division of industry and agriculture cause?
Under Brezhnev, what system increased productivity?
What was there a steady decline in?
By 1980, what percentage of families had TVs?
What was the growth rate in the 1970s?
What percentage of families had cars by 1980?
What proportion of the budget did agriculture use?
Soviet agriculture only produced what proportion of US figures?

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