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Depth study 3: The Contagious Diseases Acts,1962-86?

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Forced Order
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Irregular what meant that many victorian women turned to prostitution?
Women could not survive on what?
How was the speculum described?
There were many false what?
What was the name of the female singer who committed suicide in 1875?
When was the first act passed?
What was there a high degree of in the Crimean war?
When was the committee of inquiry?
Who argued for more regulation of prostitutes?
When were the second and third acts introduced?
What towns were covered?
Who was the first person to campaign for the repeal of the acts?
When were the acts repealed?
What was formed in 1869?
What was also formed later that year?
Who worked alongside Wolstenholme as the head the LNA?
What were the government and public not used to?
How many meetings did Butler address in her first year/
Butler had been very active in the abolition of what?
Who was Butler hostile to?
What were organised in the year 1872-73?
What were the two main electoral leagues?
Who led the NCL?
Who did Wilson cultivate the support of?
What was formed in 1875?
How many petitions were sent to the government between 1870 and 1886?
What was the most successful tactic?
What was the name of the LNA newspaper?
What were regularly introduced into parliament?
When were the liberals defeated in a general election?
Who was relieved of his duties as Cabinet minister?
Who took note because of his high profile and political experience?
What did Stansfeld decide to base more of the repeal campaign on?
What did Stansfeld also encourage the formation of?
When did the liberals return to government?
When were compulsory examinations suspended?

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