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Changes in representation in England, 1780-1928

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QuestionAnswerReform act
Which party introduced the first reform bill in 1832?1832
Where did riots break out after the initial bill was rejected by the lords?PP-1832
Which newspaper supported the idea of reform?PP-1832
What was the name of the political union that tried to garner the peaceful support of the masses?PP-1832
What was the slogan used to try and disrupt the economy?PP-1832
Who did Grey say the Middle Class might ally with if not given the vote?PC-1832
Grey was committed to dealing with the abuses of what?GC-1832
Which party introduced the second reform act?1867
Where were there demonstrations in 1866?PP-1867
What were formed that increased external support for reform?PP-1867
Whose bill did Disraeli reject?PC-1867
QuestionAnswerReform act
Who was the liberal backbencher that suggested the most radical change to Disraelis bill?PC-1867
Which act was introduced in 1872?
What act was introduced in 1883?1883
How much did the 1880 election cost?GC
Which party introduced the 1884-85 reform act?1884-85
Where was it only logical to extend the vote to?GC-1884-85
What sort of support led to the reform?GC/PC-1884-85
Which party introduced the 1918 act?1918
What sort of consensus led to the creation of the 1918 act? GC-1918
Feared revival of what group caused the vote to be given to 8 million women?PC-1918

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