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Give an example of a destructive 'Oceanic-Oceanic' margin
How old are fold mountains?
How wide is the crust?
What is fixed in position beneath a hot spot?
How is Palaomagnetism evidence for continental drift?
What do the inner and outer core consist of?
Give an example of a deep sea trench
What is this a definition of: Elongated depression of ocean floor which runs parallel to a volcanic island arc or mountain belt
Give an example of a destructive 'Continental-Continental' margin
What part of the earth is divided into plates? (not crust)
What type of crust is old, light, thick and made up of silica, aluminium and granite?
What is seismicity concerned with?
Which crust can be destroyed and created?
Name the three types of plate margin
Where are ocean ridges found?
What are plates moved by?
What three categories are there that provide evidence for continental drift?
What are ocean ridges comprised of?
Continental rift valleys represent areas where continents are being what?
'Volcanoes lie along the crest of an arcuate, crustal ridge bounded by deep oceanic ridge' -What is this describing?
What type of margin are mid-ocean ridges formed at?
How wide is the mantle?
Give an example of a constructive plate margin
Give an example of a conservative plate margin
What is this the definition of : Growth or increase by the gradual accumulation of additional layers or matter.
What sort of rock is forced upwards during the formation of fold mountains?
What type of crust is young, dense, thin and made up of silica, magnesium and basalt?
What is a rift valley?
Who is responsible for the theory of continental drift?
Concerning island arcs, what type of magma rises through fractures in the granite layer?
In what sort of rock do magnetic minerals align to the North Pole in?
What is a hot spot?
What is vulcanicity concerned with?
Name the four layers of the earth (in order)

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