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The Cultural Revolution and its aftermath, 1966-76

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Who did Mao want to mobilise to support him?
Out of 23 politburo members, how many survived the purge?
What were the four olds? (ICCH)
Who was the chief of propaganda?
When did Mao die?
What campaign was introduced that saw young guards sent to the countryside?
Factions of what group developed during the CR?
How many people were killed during the purging of CCP membership?
What was a positive of the Up to the mountains campaign?
How many guards were sent to countryside as part of this campaign? (Q21)
What occurred in August 1966?
The failed anti-Confucius campaign was launched by what group?
Who did Mao want to seize power back from?
When did Nixon visit Beijing?
Which two leaders did the CR aim to destroy?
How much of the central committee was deposed?
What was used to restore order after the CR?
When was the four olds launched?
Mao called the CR the quest for what?
What subcommittee was formed during the CR?
What was published in 1964 which showed Mao's most famous statements?
During the CR, what percentage of party cadres were purged at regional and provisional levels?
How many were arrested during the winding down of the CR?
What were the four modernisations introduced by Zhou Enlai? (AIDS)
Which class were attacked during the CR?
Who did Jiang Qing denounce as an agent for the American CIA?
What did Mao tell the young people to attack?

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