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Women, education, culture and religion in China

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Before 1949, what type of role did Chinese women have in society?
Before 1949, which three family members did Chinese women have to be subservient to?
Why were many women crippled from the age of 6?
What law was introduced in 1950 that damned arranged marriages?
What was made much easier under the new marriage law?
What were women encouraged to join?
What system made property rights irrelevant?
Why did women receive little food from communal kitchens?
What was common in the communes?
How many members did The Women's Association have?
Between 1929 and 1949, what percent of women didn't complete their primary education?
By 1959, what percent of women completed primary education?
By 1978, what percent of primary school children were girls?
What were slow to change?
Name one region where foot binding and arranged marriages continued?
What did Mao say could only be achieved through mass literacy?
What system was introduced?
How many peasants attended winter school in the winter of 1951-52?
How many universities were there in 1949 and 1961?
What percent of the population were illiterate in 1949?
Literacy rates were at what level by 1964?
What were literacy rates at by 1976?
What became the official language of China?
What percent of the budget was spent on culture and education in 1952?
By 1982, what percent of government officials had been formally educated beyond the age of 16?
What caused schools and universities to close down?
How many young people received no formal education during the CR?
What was the name given to the paramedics sent to rural areas?
By 1973, how many new doctors had been trained?
What movement helped to improve health?
What campaign damaged the healthcare system in China?
What campaigns had a devastating effect on ancient culture?
What were religious shrines in houses replaced with?
What did Jiang Qing want to replace traditional Chinese culture with?
What happened to performances of foreign works?
How many people watched the film version of 'Taking Tiger Mountain'?
What were the three main religions attacked under Mao? (BCI)
Where was buddhism prevalent?
The Qingming festival was replaced by what?
Adherence to traditions such as New Year and worship of ancestors represented what?
In 1951 there were 3222 catholic missionaries but how many were there by 1953?
Where were Islams largely based?

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