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Mao's China: Agricultural and Industrial changes, 1949-65

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When was the first commune launched?
What suffered as a result of too much coal being used?
When did collectiviastion begin?
How many households were part of HAPCs by the end of 1956?
What was the name of the agrobiologist who tried to revitalise Chinese agriculture
How many communes was China's land split up into?
What was a major problem with the 1st FYP?
How many landlords were killed?
How many experts were sent from the USSR and EE to China?
How far below govt. targets was grain production in 1958?
How many households did a commune contain?
How much did grain production rise by between 1953 and 1954?
Give three policies of Lysenkoism? (P,D,C)
What were established to produce iron and steel?
What was agreed in 1950?
How many people died during the Great Famine?
What did Mao place his trust in for the second FYP?
The agricultural production between 1950 and 1952 increased at what rate per annum?
Between 1957 and 1979, what was the annual average rate?
What campaign asked peasants to exterminate sparrows, rats, flies and mosquitoes?
Who did the communists order peasants to attack in 1949?
What had also been eliminated?
By 1962, how much had industrial production dropped by?
Heavy industry grew at what rate?
What was created after MATs that consisted of 30 to 50 households?
Who were given more control of the economy in 1962-65?
What was introduced in 1951 that organised peasants into 10 or fewer households?
When was the first FYP?
What law was introduced in 1950?
How far below the target for steel prodcution was China in 1960?
Bewteen the period 1953-57, what was the agricultural growth rate?
What was the main target of the 1st FYP?
Industrial output 'blank' the recorded amount in 1957
What was the annual growth rate during the 1st FYP?
How many households were part of APCs in 1955?
What percent of the peasant population was in communes by the end of 1958?

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