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A factual quiz on Mao establishing his rule in China 1949-57

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What was the name of the Nationalists that the Communist forces fought against during the civil war?
In 1949, what percentage of the population lived in poor rural areas?
What was the biggest economic problem after the civil war?
Who left with the Nationalists?
In 1949, how far below the 1937 level was factory output?
Many peasants had been forcibly what during the civil war?
How much of the rail network was destroyed by the civil war?
What was the name of the party that headed the government?
How many members did the CCP have by the end of the 1950s?
Who was the minister of defence and head of the PLA?
What did all employees have to belong to?
What four things did chinese people need permits for? (H,T,M,F)
What was organised in September 1949?
What did the CPPCC create?
How many members did the Politburo have?
Key decisions were made by what committee?
Name two other members of the 5 man standing committee?
How many state officials were there in 1949?
How many state officials were there in 1959?
How many new soldiers were recruited to the PLA each year?
What organisation helped indoctrinate the youth?
What name was given to Mao's ideals?
What did Mao regard to be essential in the creation of China as a fully Marxist state?
What did the CCP call the new system of government?
What was launched in 1949?
What religion did the above question attack in Tibet?
Who were purged in Guangdong?
How many died in Guangdong during the reunification campaign?
When did the three antis movement take place?
What were the three antis? (CWB)
What were the Triads? (DGP)
How many were arrested during the eradication of the Triads?
What was the name given to meetings in front of large crowds where victims were forced to admit their guilt?
When did the five antis movement take place?
What were the five antis? (BTTCS)
What was the name of the labour camps?
How many people died in labour camps?
How many people were in forced labour in 1955?
After the launch of the 100 flowers campaign, what was created at Beijing University?
How many intellectuals were purged after the 100 flowers campaign?
When did the Korean war begin and end?
What slogan did the communists create during the civil war?
How many of the 3m Chinese soldiers died in the Korean war?
How much did the Korean war cost the PRC?
What three groups were attacked in China during the Korean War? (CBN)
Who was purged in 1954 after Mao deemed that he had too much control of Manchuria?

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