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Forced Order
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What did they want to get the working class involved with?Aims
What did they want to see improvements to?Aims
What was one of the initial causes of the movement?Causes
The withdrawal of what caused a resurgence in the movement?Causes
What law introduced in 1815 convinced many outside of parliament that they could not expect fairness and justice unless the system was changed?Causes
Who headed the LCS? Key figures
Who created the Hampden clubs?Key figures
Who created the political register?Key figures
Who made many speeches in front of large crowds?Key figures
How much did the political register cost?Methods
How many petitions were sent to the government in 1817?Methods
Where was there a huge meeting in December 1816?Events
How did the govt. respond to Spa Fields?Response
The gagging acts disallowed meetings of more than how many people?Response
Where was there a provoked rising in June 1817?Events
What was the name given to the meeting in Manchester in August 1819?Events
How many people attended at St. Peter's fieldEvents
How many died at Peterloo?Response
How many were injured in Peterloo?Response
What did the govt. introduce after Peterloo in 1819?Response
What did the six acts ban?Response
Tax on what was increased?Response
What did the movement lack?Failure
What term can be given to the inconsistency of the movement?Failure
The strength of what can also be blamed for the failure of the movement?Failure

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