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Britain depth study 2: Chartism, 1838-1850

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The disappointment of what caused the emergence of Chartism?
When was the Factory Act introduced?
How did the Municipal Corporations Act (1835) cause Chartism?
Who published the Poor Man's Guardian?
What did the new Poor Law abolish?
What was the name of the newspaper that Feargus O'Connor produced?
Who was the leader of the BPU?
Which group drew up the Charter?
In the first phase, where we there meetings of over 200,000 people?
How many copies did the Northern Star sell in 1839?
When were elections to the National Convention made?
How many signatures were collected in 1839?
Who was the secretary of the Chartist convention?
When did the convention break up?
How many men marched in the Newport rising?
How many bodies were left at the scene of the Newport rising?
How many Chartists were arrested in the 2 years following the rising?
Some historians see Chartism as a form of what?
How many members did the NCA have by 1842?
What did Lovett promote after he left prison in 1840?
Who did not approve of this method and said it distracted the people from the strategy of petitioning?
How many signatures were collected in 1842?
What was the name given to the riots in August 1842?
Who led the army that fought the Chartists?
What helped the police to move around more quickly?
By the end of 1842, how many had been put on trial for Chartist related offences?
What did the Conservative government reintroduce that took the sting out of Chartism?
What company did O'Connor establish?
Where was a mass meeting in 1848?
How many special constables were there at the meeting?
How many turned up for the meeting?
The Chartists had a small number of what?

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