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Changes in representation in England, 1780-1928

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Forced Order
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QuestionAnswerReform act
How many new boroughs were created in the North?1832
How many pocket and rotten boroughs lost MPs?1832
How much did borough property have to cost per annum to allow you to vote?1832
What was the electorate size before and after the act?1832
What type of system was introduced?1832
What was created after the bill?1832
How many pocket boroughs remained?1832
What percentage of the male population could vote?1832
What area was still over-represented?1832
What were voting qualifications based upon?1832
How many seats were redistributed?1867
A third MP was given to which northern cities?1867
What was the electoral size after the act?1867
What proportion of adult males could now vote?1867
Which social group was enfranchised?1867
QuestionAnswerReform act
The vote was given to all what in the boroughs?1867
Which social group still had no vote?1867
Composition of what were still the same?1867
Who dominated parliament?1867
Boroughs with less than how many people lost their seat?1884/85
How many seats were released and given to more populous counties and growing cities?1884/85
How many new voters did the act add?1884/85
What percentage of adult males could now vote?1884/85
The majority of the electorate consisted of which social class?1884/85
Those receiving what could not vote?1884/85
Only how many constituencies had working class majorities?1884/85
Who were also excluded from the vote?1884/85
How many more men could vote after the act?1918
How many women could now vote after the act?1918
What percentage of men remained unregistered?1918

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