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Give three reasons why cities may attract people to move back. (ND,U,Un)
Partnership schemes involve local councils working with what two social groups?
Property-led schemes involve improving what?
Why does rural-urban migration take place?
What are the 5 main methods of waste management? (LCRER)
What sort of divisions are associated with world cities?
What could be extended to encourage more shoppers to visit CBD shopping areas?
What is urbanisation mainly caused by?
'The movement of people back into urban areas' is the definition of what?
What is often associated with suburbanisation?
'An increase in the number of urban dwellers' is the definition of what?
Who may be forced out of their homes due to the rise in house value as a result of gentrification?
Name three push factors causing counter-urbanisation. (P,C,V)
'Movement of people from inner city to periphery of city and surrounding villages and smaller towns' is a definition of what?
What three things usually improve as a result of gentrification? (HBCr)
What are the three different processes that regenerate urban areas?
What type of areas could be opened to attract tourists to CBD shopping areas?
What can be done to CBD shopping areas to make them more attractive? (PBT)
What causes suburbanisation?
Give three characteristics of inner city decline. (Cr,Cl,P)
What three things are often improved as a result of counter-urbanisation? (BHS)
Name three effects of urbanisation. (OCR)
Name three pull factors causing counter-urbanisation. (SCT)
Urbanisation is concerned both with original urban growth and all what?
Who is gentrification usually done by?
Give three causes for the decentralisation of retailing.(C,S,CL)
What do property-led schemes aim to encourage?
What could be installed in CBD shopping areas to make them feel safer?
What type of houses are often found in suburban areas?
What can be a positive impact of decentralisation on city centres?
Name three push factors that cause urbanisation. (EPM)
What are the 4 main methods to make transport more sustainable? (RITL)
Give three characteristics of suburban areas. (O,G,GC)
How many people does a mega city contain?
What can be a negative impact of decentralisation on city centres?
'The movement of people to the outer edges of existing cities' is the definition of what?
'An increase in the proportion of a country's population that lives in towns and cities' is the definition of what?
What can be defined as a city which has global influence?
What three things can be negatively affected by counter-urbanisation?(C,R,HP)
What are the four stages of urban decline?(IESPe)
What can new housing estates in suburbs damage?
Name three pull factors that cause urbanisation.(ESQ)

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