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Plate tectonics and associated hazards- Vulcanicity

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'Dome-shaped and exposed by later erosion' is a definition of what form of intrusive volanic activity?
'Mudflows of volanic material mixing with water' is describing what secondary volcanic hazard?
What type of water is boling mud associated with?
Geysers: What causes the violent steam explosion after the upper chamber has been emptied?
What name is given to any ash fall that is larger than 2mm in diameter?
Boiling mud: Gases cool and react with O2 to form acidiic steam which then condenses to form what?
Batholiths are unaffected by what?
What type of volcano has gentle slopes and covers a large area?
What type of eruption is considered the most violent?
What type of rock does basic lava create?
What are dykes commonly made up of?
Dykes cut across what?
What type of volcano has steeper slopes, layers of ash and lava, and is produces andesitic lava?
Hot springs: What is there an absence of that means that there is no violent steam explosion?
Is basic lava runny or sticky?
Geysers: Whatr does a partially sealed fracture prevent?
What type of flow is a primary volcanic hazard?
Is acidic lava high or low in viscosity?
'Vertical intrusions with horizontal cooling cracks' is a definition of what intrusive volcanic activity?
What type of plate boundary experiences the most frequent eruptions?
Geysers: What reaches the surface through an underground reservoir?
'Hot springs that erupt fountains of scolding water and steam' is a defintion of what form of extrusive activity?
'Alkali rich hot water that emerges to the Earth's Surface from underground' is a defintion of what form of extrusive activity?
What type of rock does acid lava create?
Batholiths: Large masses of what cools and solidifies?
What type of volcano forms after a build up of gas destroys the magma chamber leaving a very large crater?
'Horizontal intrusions along lines of bedding planes' is a defintion of what intrusive volcanic activity?
What often forms around a batholith due to heat and pressure of intrusion?
Boling mud: What bubbles through accumulated rainwater hollows?
What type of crust consists fo basic lava?

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