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What was the name of the volcano in Montserrat?
How many cm a year ios the North American plate being subducted below the Carribean plate?
When did the first series of earthquake tremors occur?
What had begun to grow by the end of 1995?
How fast did the pyroclastic flows travel?
How many explosive eruptions were there between September and October 1997?
What percentage of the island was declared unsafe for human habitation?
What percentage of the population had to leave their homes?
How many fatalities were there?
What percentage of the water supplies were destroyed?
How much debris was remobolised by rains to swamp Plymouth in flash floods and lahars?
How many pounds were total insurance losses calculated at?
What 1993 event was ignored after reccomendations were given?
What was there an absence of?
What were issued in 1996 that replaced the unpopular food rations?
What could the vouchers be exchanged for in 1997 which created more economic flexibility?
What did the cash payments create?
What was created in response to the event?

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