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What is a tsunami?
'Point within earth where EQ rupture starts' is a definition of what?
Define seismic waves
Which sort of wave vibrates in the same direction?
Name two types of body wave
Which sort of wave moves at 90 degrees to the direction of travel?
Name two types of surface wave
What can tsunamis be impacted by?
'Point directly above focus at the surface of the earth' is a definition of what?
How fast can tsunamis travel?
What type of boundary do Tsunamis usually occur at?
What scale measures the impact of EQs?
What is used by a seismogram to determine the location of an EQ?
What records seismic waves produced by an EQ?
What sort of scale does the Richter scale use?
Give an example of a secondary EQ hazard
What sort of energy is suddenly released to cause earthquakes?
Name a factor that the impact of an EQ is dependent on
Give an example of a primary EQ hazard
How long can the wavelength of a tsunami be?
What can S waves travel through?
Are primary waves faster or slower than secondary waves?

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