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Can you name the historical figures by letter from their BBC descriptions?

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First LetterFigureBBC Description
Afirst Roman emperor
Aancient Greek philosopher, mathematician
Bsecond wife of Henry VIII, executed
Bfirst chancellor of united Germany, 19th century
CKing of the Franks and Christian Emperor of the West
Cstatesman, World War Two prime minister, national hero
DVictorian naturalist, formulated theory of evolution
DPortuguese explorer, navigator, 16th century
Etheoretical physicist, Nobel prize winner
E11th century explorer, may have discovered the Americas
F20th century physician, discovered penicillin
F19th-20th century pioneer of pyschoanalysis
GCuban revolutionary leader
GItalian Renaissance scientist, philosopher
HNazi, head of the SS, architect of genocide
HJapanese emperor during World War Two
IEgyptian architect of the first known pyramid
IWorld War Two British agent, executed
J18th century author, compiled the 'Dictionary of the English Language'
JAmerican revolutionary, president
KCold War Soviet leader during the Cuban Missile Crisis
K20th century leader of Iran's Islamic revolution
First LetterFigureBBC Description
L19th century US president, won the American Civil War
LGerman theologian, inspired the Protestant Reformation
M19th century philosopher, developed theory of international communism
Mmedieval king of Scotland, inaccurately portrayed by Shakespeare
Nlast Roman emperor of the Julio-Claudian line
NVictorian pioneer of nursing
O20th century journalist, author, wrote '1984'
O19th century social reformer
P13th century Venetian explorer of China
PFrench chemist, biologist, proved the germ theory of disease
R20th century US president, brought collapse of the Soviet Union
RTudor explorer, navigator, favourite of Elizabeth I
SRoman slave and gladiator
S18th century political economist, wrote 'Wealth of Nations'
Tsecond emperor of Rome
TRussian revolutionary, exiled and assassinated
U*a memorial to war dead who have no known grave
Vancient Roman poet, wrote the 'Aeneid'
Vfirst Roman emperor of the Flavian dynasty
W17th-18th century architect, built St Paul's Cathedral
WScottish patriot and national hero
ZWorld War Two Soviet general

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