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HintsHot Things
Popular warm winter time beverage
1959 film starring Marilyn Monroe
The quick, easy, microwavable meal
The achy joint pain reliever
Popular 'gothic' music based clothing store
Asian originated soup containing tofo
Cinnamon tasting candy made in the 1930's by the Ferrara Pan Candy Company
Blue grass band that gained popularity in the early 1980's
Spicy chicken usually served with bleu cheese dressing
Vegetable added to dishes to make the food spicy
2009 song by Cobra Starship
1991 film starring Charlie Sheen
Heated cocktail popular around the holiday season
2007 hit rap song by Mims
A hot drink containing rum, caramelized brown sugar, vanilla extract, cinnamon and nutmeg
Used in cooking to make food spicy
New Orleans based group founded in 1995 that blends jazz, funk and hip hop
Heated clips used to curl hair
2007 British action comedy film starring Simon Pegg
E-mail provider
2002 hit single by Nelly
Miniature model car manufacturer
HintsHot Things
Domestic appliance used to heat water
Grammy nominated British electropop band
Vibrant hue of pink
Small body of water that is naturally heated by water from the Earth's crust
2009 Lil' Wayne song
American rock band formed in Los Angeles in 1983
The oldest successful human-carrying flight device
Popular food provided at sporting events
An alcoholic beverage that is served hot, usually containing tea, brandy or whiskey, honey, and lemon
Swimming poll resembling device containing warm water that release bubbles
Cinnamon candy manufactured by Just Born
Small device, usually kept in gloves or shoes to keep hands and feet warm
Popular song by Katy Perry
The baseball training drill also known as rundown
Ice cream topping
Phrase made popular by Paris Hilton
Common menopausal symptom
Sticky adhesive
The Chinese version of fondue
2007 movie starring Andy Samberg
Hit song by Donna Summer
2002 comedy starring Rob Schneider

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