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Can you name the Different types of cake?

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Hint and CluesType
Cake in china, moon
Dark, brownish, cocoa
Date, quadrangle
Cake in pan
5 letter cake
Cold cake, fridge cake
(Lbs) cake
Blue fruit
Phillippines cake
Coffee flavor
Berry, pink
Evil cake
Yellow fruit,
Cherrry, with chocolate
White , creamy
Halloween cake
Pina colada
Hint and CluesType
Married cake
Manzanas, red round fruit
Ba ba ba -ba na naaaaah
Christmas cake , fruits
Rhymes with ball
Holy cake, halo
Cake on top of each other
Cake made of grains
Sour, yellow
Cake in a cup
Rabbits loveee this cake
Shrek ginger
Naranja, sour
7 letter cake
7 letter cake, smooth cake

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