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Who was the host of the UK version of Who wants to be a Millionaire?
What is the only nation whose flag is not a quadrilateral?
What reality TV show is set in the Australian jungle?
The phrase 'TGIF' stands for what?
What type of animal was Moby Dick?
Which film features the characters Mr Pink, Mr Blonde and Mr Blue?
What band had hits with 'It's a Kind of Magic' and 'Fat-Bottomed Girls'?
What nationality is Kylie Minogue?
Anne Robinson presented what TV gameshow?
Who is the British #1 tennis player?
How many points is the black ball worth in a game of snooker?
England Rugby Team play their home games at what stadium?
What country has won the most football world cups?
What is the highest ranking hand in Texas Hold'em Poker?
What aquatic bird is royally protected?
What animated TV show features characters such as Fry and Bender?
In what talent show have Tom Jones, Rita Ora and Will.i.am been judges?
Llamas are found typically on what continent?
Name a state of the US which is not found on mainland USA
What country is Mount Kilimanjaro in?
What comedian's autobiography is entitled 'My Booky-Wook'?
How many of Henry VIII's wives did he divorce?
Celtic and Rangers are both British football teams from which city?
In what state is the city of Las Vegas?
Who wrote the 'Famous Five' series?
Ron Weasley is a character in what series of books?
What is the all-time best selling book?
With whom is the catchphrase 'Nice to see you, to see you nice' associated?
In what game can a person go to jail, win a beauty contest and inherit money?
What is celebrated on February 14th?
Who is First Lady to Barack Obama?
Hammerhead, Tiger and Basking are types of what creature?
Calamari is a food made out of what animal?
Bill and Ben are known as what in the children's TV series?
What would you be likely to be doing if you were inside the shops 'Ladbrokes', 'Coral', or 'William Hill'?
What is 123 x 0?
If Pepsi is to coke, then 7up is to...?
Fosters, Carling and Budweiser are types of what beverage?
If you asked for your food to be cooked 'medium rare', what food would you probably be eating?
Edam, Wensleydale and Cottage are types of what?
What planet is closest to the Sun?
What element has the symbol 'Fe'?
What is the square root of 81?
Pythagoras' Theorem is a part of mathematics that concerns what shape?
How many degrees are there in a right angle?
What river is shown in the opening credits to 'Eastenders'?
What ex-boxer appeared in the film 'The Hangover'?
Complete the title of the BBC sitcom: Two pints of lager and....?
If you ordered beef chow mein, what kind of restaurant would you be at?
What is the medical name for the funny-bone?

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