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what are the words of house arryn
who beheaded eddard stark
why is jaime lannister know as the kingslayer
what house is the red viper from
who as daenyrs' bother that king robert killed in the battle of the trident
what did roose bolton say before killing robb stark
who is the lord of the iron islands
who is thros of myr and the brotherhood without banners god
who is tywin lannisters mad dog
what castle is the home of the lannisters
who was the lord commander of the nights watch when jon arrived
who is the wildling jon falls in love with
where does arya go to become a faceless assassin
what is davos seaworths nickname
what are the names of bran and aryas direwolves
what is the sigil of house bolton
what are the words of house martell
what is the name of the faceless assassin that befriends arya
who is the khasleesis closest advisor
who kills joffery

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