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HintR- Word
Single stranded molecule containing Uracil
Noble Gas
620–740nm is the wavlength of which color
Enzyme involved in the first step of Carbon Fixation
log of the amplitude of waves recorded by seismographs
Atom with an unstable nucleus
The Angle given by Snell's law
genus of pathogenic bacteria not associated with Rickets
The mixture obtained from a SN1 reaction
Half of the diameter
prokaryotic 16s sequence
RNA virus
systemic autoimmune disease associated with chronic inflammtion of joints
Comes in 2 flavors: smooth and rough
ratio between length of an arc and its radius
HintR- Word
Part of eye that plays the same role as camera film
The lithosphere is compose of this
System involved in gas exchange
Einstein's theory
square root
In chemistry, k=
unidirectional nucleic acid replication in bacteria
SI unit for rotational speed
Human blood group anitgens that must be match for successful blood transfusions
Ginger (Z. officinale) is this type of stem
German Measles
First stomach of cows
Common method of DNA repair ex. V(D)J rearrangement
The gain of electrons

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