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Can you name the following things that occurred in 1986?

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This infamous space shuttle disaster occurred January 28
This national holiday was observed for the first timeJanuary
Name of the first computer virus for MS-DOSJanuary
This band fronted by Jello Biafra disbandedFebruary
Name of the hacker who disrupted broadcast of HBOApril 27
He set the record for the most strikeouts in a 9-inning MLB gameApril 29
This name replaced LAV and HTLV-III as mandated by the International Committee on Taxonomy of VirusesMay
This video game system was released as a direct competitor to the Nintendo Entertainment SystemJune
First manned dives to this shipwreck occurredJuly 12
The first of these international sports competitions, created by Ted Turner, occurredJuly
First film to feature the character Hannibal LecterAugust 15
This movie starred Dennis Hopper as the psychopath villain Frank BoothSeptember 19
Longest running show in Broadway history that opened in LondonSeptember
Nobel Peace Prize WinnerOctober 14
The Mets defeated these rivals to win the World SeriesOctober 27
The centennial of this recognizable gift from France to the U.S. was celebratedOctober
A political scandal in the United States which came to light involving senior U.S. officialsNovember
This famed 1950's co-star of 'I Love Lucy' diedDecember 2
Movie starring Charlie Sheen that won Best PictureDecember 19
This advertising character for Domino's Pizza first appearedN/A

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