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Forced Order
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Where does carbon dioxide diffuse from into the alveoli?
What does the kidney reabsorb?
Where is the DNA stored in a bacteria cell?
Where does respiration take place in the cell?
In dialysis, blood is taken from an...
Plants reproduce through .... reproduction
Which blood vessel has valves to prevent blood flow backwards?
What does oxygen fuse with to create in the red blood cell?
In a plant, glucose is used for...
In dialysis, blood is given back to a....
Where is the DNA stored in a plant cell?
Diploid cells have how many chromosomes?
Where does respiration take place?
Where does oxygen diffuse into from the alveoli?
Where do most reactions in the cell take place?
Where is bile produced?
Dialysis is through a....
Where is bile stored?
Haploid cells have how many chromosomes?
What does a bacteria cell have, starting with P?
Why doesn't a red blood cell have a nucleus?
What are cell walls made from?
Where is urea produced?
All body cells are ........ cells
Dialysis is used in place of?

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