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I played my whole career on a single team. I was a scorer. I won the Dunk Contest once and I've won more Finals MVPs than Regular Season MVPs. I wore only two numbers in my career
I was the first Draft Pick announced by Adam Silver. I'm a Canadian Small Forward. I'm playing right now for the Minnesota Timberwolves
I played for the Boston Celtics my entire career. I am a defensive Big Man. With my eleven NBA Championships, I am considered the greatest winner of all time
I was drafted in the 3rd Pick. I'm one of the only four guards who have won DPOY. I have won the Regular Season MVP five times and I'm a ten-time Scoring Champion
I'm a four-time Scoring Champion. I left a team that lost in the Conference Finals against the team I went later. There, I won the NBA Championship and the Finals MVP
I was drafted in 2015 by the Phoenix Suns. I became fue youngest player to score 70 points in a single game and the sixth player in NBA history to achieve that
I won the Skills Challenge. I was booed when I was selected in the NBA draft, and then I was a high pick. I'm more than 7 feet tall
I'm a member of the Splash Bros. I won the 3-Point Contest once by scoring 27 points on the Final Round. I scored 13 Threes in a single game and 402 in a single season
I won the 3-Point Contest once, beating Kevin Durant in the final round. I was drafted in 2009 by the Memphis Grizzlies, but I didn't play for them. I'm a NBA Champion
I was drafted in 1984. I am considered one of the greatest defensive players in NBA history. No one has blocked more shots than me
I played for six NBA teams. I was a Center. I won DPOY four times. Only one player has blocked more shots on his entire career than me
I played for two teams in my entire career. I changed my name in the middle of my career. No one has won more Regular Season MVPs than me. I created the Skyhook

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