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What is Katherine's full name?
When is her birthday?
What is her cat called?
What was the name of her secondary school?
Parents names?
First boyfriends name?
Lucky number?
Favorite film?
Favorite color?
Favorite sweets?
Favorite drink?
Favorite book?
Favorite Animal?
Favorite type of chocolate?
Favorite place in the world?
How many continents has she visited?
If she had to support a football team it would be?
If she had to support a rugby team it would be?
Team edward or team jacob?
First tape she owned
complete the scentence: All white _ men are rapists.
What stung katherine in Scilly?
how many times has katherine been stung by a wasp?
how many cousins does she have?
if she had to have sex with one girl it would be?

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