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Can you name the hunger games A-Z?

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district 11s productionA
Katniss pulled these out at the end of the first bookB
last to die in 74th gamesC
losing the hunger games means certain _____D
escort for district 12 TrinketE
loved by all of panem uses trident as a weaponF
Katniss's 'cousin'G
district 12 mentorH
11-12 o'clock zone 75th hunger gamesI
capitols creation (breaded with mocking birds)J
kids are forced to _____ each other in the arenaK
the star crossed ______ of district 12L
competitor in the 75th hunger games around 80 years oldM
production of district 13N
part of Katniss's prep teamO
flower that katniss's sister was named afterP
Another name for the 75th hunger games 'Quarter_____'Q
alliance with Katniss 74th hunger gamesR
Name of president of panemS
other tribute from district 11T
an act of rebellion against the capitolU
place where katniss' house was upgraded to after winning the gamesV
sword, bow and arrow, trident, axe, etc.W
Number of districts in roman numeralsX
The soldier in charge of training Katniss and Johanna in District 13Y
The last name of the casting director for the movieZ

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