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Items of specific interest to travelers, such as natural wonders, man-made facilities and structures, entertainment, and activities.
A person or business that pays for professional services or products of people or businesses.
The actual user of a product or service
The buyer of a product or service
The geographic location to which a traveler is going
A trip taken by choice rather than out of necessity
The sale of products and services over a Web site
Activities planned around specific events or activities in an area.
A term used in relating the monetary system used in the European Union (EU).
A person or company that acts as a link between the producer of a product or service and the consumer of that product or service.
(1) Inbound tourism – non-resident visitor arrivals to the United States. (2) Outbound tourism – U.S. resident travel outside the United States.
The business philosophy that focuses on understanding and meeting the needs of customers
A twentieth century trend during which the working and middle classes began traveling in large numbers for leisure purposes
The moment that an employee interacts with a customer related to a business activity
Things a person must have to exist, such as food, shelter, and clothing.
The process of building and nurturing ongoing, solid relationships with customers
A middleman, such as a travel agent, who sells directly to the customer.
The market that a company has identified and toward which marketing efforts are directed
An amusement park in which the rides, attractions, shows, and buildings revolve around a central theme or group of themes
A prearranged, prepaid journey, usually including an itinerary of leisure activities, to one or more destinations and a return to the point of origin.
All the components of the travel industry used to serve the needs and wants of tourists and to attract travelers to a destination
A person who travels at least 100 miles from home to visit an area for business and/or pleasure for 24 hours or more
The business segment that provides transportation, lodging, dining, attractions, entertainment, guide services, and other travel elements related to tourism
Identifiable changes in consumers’ preferences for activities, goods, and services
Things a person may like to have but which are not critica

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