History Quiz / Declar. of Indep. signers (w/ fun hints)

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Can you name the signers of the Declaration of Independence given the following hints?

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Quotation book
Pancreatic removal
Former #1 NHL pick by Bruins
2nd US president
'Common Sense'
Frontman with the Pacemakers
University in Maryland
______ Queen's Mystery Magazine
Burned Atlanta
Stadium used in first World Series
______-Sonoma cookware
2nd US Secretary of the Treasury
Dark Side of the Moon
LA Clippers PG in mid-2000s
Explored Pacific NW
Cigarette company
NBA assists leader
Sweet Home Alabama
Magnetic analogy to Ohm's Law
Wrestlers Bret and Owen
Conservative commentator Dick
Prog rock band
$100 bill
Salt producer
Manuel for motorcycle repair
Seven Sisters school
'Fire and Rain'
Beachboys songwriter
One of the Friends
Do this to a book
Actor in Spinal Tap
$10,000 bill
Latin American rodent
Director Oliver
Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
Section of masonry one unit thick
Confederate general
3rd US president
Shortest-tenure US president
Twin rockers from early 90s
Nobody does it like Sara
R&B singer Toni
Store owner on Sesame Street
Directed Breakfast Club
Founded Keystone state
First love of Abraham Lincoln
2010 all-star for Atlanta Braves
Twin Peaks creator
Girlfriend of Prince William
2nd most populous Georgia county
John Oates
70s TV drama family

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