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Can you name the movie by the character thats killed off in it?

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Dead CharacterMovieType of Death
Roger Bartlett (Big X)Executed by Nazi's
Angel EyesShot in Mexican Standoff
BarbaraShot by her son (zombie kill)
Tommy Devitoshot in the back of the head
Dean Keatonshot by Keyzer Soze
Luca Brasigarrotted
Little Bill Daggettexecuted in saloon
Hans GruberLarge fall from Building
Leonard VoleStabbed in chest by Christine Vole
Tom Robinsonshot by police
Hugo StiglizShot in basement pub
Antonius BlockHe is taken by death
Eli SundayBludgeoned to death with a bowling pin
Dead CharacterMovieType of Death
Walt KowalskiShot multiple times by a gang
NickRussian Roulette gone wrong
Theodore Donald 'Donny' KerabatsosHeart attack
Harry WaltersSuicide, gunshot to head
Sgt. EliasShot by another officer, then finished off by a horde of vietnamese
Sarah PackardSuicide: Wrists slit
Toothpick Charlieshot by spatz colombo
William WallaceBeheaded for his Freeeeeedooommmm!!
Ellie FredericksonOld Age, possible cancer
Lukehad a failure to communicate, shot by police
George KirkSuicide, rams ship into enemies
Willa HarperMurdered, discovered in bottom of lake

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