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Billy Wilder1959
Sydney Pollack1982
Stanley Kubrick1964
Woody Allen1977
Leo McCarey1933
Mel Brooks1974
Robert Altman1970
Frank Capra1934
Mike Nichols1967
Jim Abrrahams/David Zucker1980
Mel Brooks1968
Sam Wood1935
Mel Brooks1974
Howard Hawks1938
George Cukor1940
Stanley Donen/Gene Kelly1952
Gene Saks1968
Buster Keaton/Clyde Bruckman1927
Howard Hawks1940
Billy Wilder1960
Charles Crichton1988
George Cukor1949
Rob Reiner1989
George Cukor1950
Charlie Chaplin1925
Hal Ashby1979
Bobby and Peter Farrelly1998
Ivan Reitman1984
Rob Reiner1984
Frank Capra1944
Joel and Ethan Coen1987
W.S. Van Dyke1934
Charlie Chaplin1936
Harold Ramis1993
Henry Koster1950
John Landis1978
Charlie Chaplin1940
Charlie Chaplin1930
Preston Sturges1941
Stanley Kramer1963
Norman Jewison1987
Penny Marshall1988
George Lucas1973
Gregory La Cava1936
Hal Ashby1971
Woody Allen1979
Hal Ashby1975
Blake Edwards1964
Ernst Lubitsch1942
Elliot Silverstein1965
Billy Wilder1955
Ernst Lubitsch1939
Steve Gordon1981
Preston Sturges1944
Preston Sturges1941
Charles Barton1948
Barry Levinson1982
Norman Z McLeod1934
Sam Wood1937
Norman Z McLeod1937
Peter Bogdanovich1972
Buster Keaton1924
Martin Brest1984
James L Brooks1987
Norman Z McLeod1932
Woody Allen1969
Chris Columbus1993
Leo McCarey1937
Woody Allen1971
Frank Capra1936
Harold Ramis1980
H.C. Potter1948
Norman Z McLeod1931
Colin Higgins1980
Lowell Sherman1933
Blake Edwards1982
Preston Sturges1942
David Butler1942
Fred C Newmeyer/ Sam Taylor1925
Woody Allen1973
Buster Keaton/Donald Crisp1924
Howard Zieff1980
Vincente Minnelli1950
Albert Brooks1985
George Cukor1933
Ron Underwood1991
Amy Heckerling1982
Tim Burton1988
Carl Reiner1979
George Stevens1942
Elaine May1972
Howard Hawks1941
Joel and Ethan Coen1996
Morton DaCosta1958
Arthur Hiller1976
William A Seiter1933
Ron Shelton1988
Melvin Frank/ Norman Panama1956
Jerry Lewis1963
Barry Levinson1987

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