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Can you name the answers to these questions about World Geography that begin with the letters A-Z?

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A cold desert in northern Chile and south Peru that is notorious for having almost zero rainfallA
The official language of MyanmarB
This US state contains the cities of Waterbury, Norwalk,and StamfordC
A region of Croatia whose largest city is Split and was once the name of a province of the Roman EmpireD
The alternate name for Timor-LesteE
The Islands group disputed between Argentina and the United Kingdom in the Patagonia ShelfF
Lufthansa is the national carrier of this countryG
The only island with two capitals in the CaribbeanH
The name of the longest river in PakistanI
Largest city in South AfricaJ
The disputed Himalayan region claimed by both Pakistan and IndiaK
What is the largest and northernmost region of FinlandL
The tallest volcano in HawaiiM
The region along the Nile River in northern Sudan and southern Egypt whose civilization dates back to 2000 BCN
The Canadian province that contains the city with the highest population in CanadaO
The capital of Papua New GuineaP
The only country that begins with the letter 'Q'Q
A sea/bay located between Victoria Land and Marie Byrd Land in Antarctica, it is named after the first person to find it and he also has an ice shelf named after himR
The third largest island in IndonesiaS
Breakaway state of Moldova who's capital is TiraspolT
The original home country of the Lord's Resistance ArmyU
The highest mountain in AntarcticaV
This European constituent country has a dragon on its flagW
The Mozambican city originally called João Belo until 1975X
The 6th longest river in the worldY
The only capital that begins with 'Z'Z

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