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Modes of metabolism
Examples of metabolic pathways
Which layer of soil has aerobic organisms
Which layer of soil has the lowest biotic activity
What is found in the lowest soil layer
Elements of the nitrogen cycle
Primary producers in the critical zone
Macroscopic decomposers
Microscopic decomposer
Decomposer in grasslands and subtropics
Where are most protozoans found
What do plant roots shed
What do they excrete
Process involving the above
External fungal root symbiote
Intracellular fungal root symbiote
What do the above inhabit
Classic species of fungal symbiote
Nutrients which can cross a cell membrane
Nutrients an organism can reach
What controls sorbtion capacity
What does sorbtion affect
What does rising pH cause
Base saturation equation
High % base saturation indicates what
Paper concerned with soil erosion and food demand
What does the study say is required
Functions of soil
Two elements missing from critical zone science
Paper looking at critical zone functioning
What system is the critical zone
Components of the above
Rate of regolith removal
Rate of regolith formation
What determines rock erosion rate in the critical zone
Study proposing tectonic faulting control on physical weathering
Mechanical process chain resulting from faulting
Chemical process chain resulting from faulting

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