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Authors of the DS plot
What does high quartz, decreasing feldspar indicate
What does high quartz, increasing lithics indicate
What does high feldspar and lithics indicate
What does increasing feldspar in the above indicate
What is grain size for the inflection point on the Hjulstrom diagram
Phases in a flow profile
Elements of the Euramerican depositional system
Units at Portishead
What indicates exposure
What indicates aridity
What may the above coalesce to form
Two types of structure a floodplain may show
What may overlie both of the above
What does shear stress product at a boundary
What are clastics in relation to their basin
What are carbonates in relation to their basin
Changes during diagenesis
3 stages of organic degradation
Where do eogenetic changes occur
Where do mesogenetic changes occur
Where do telogenetic changes occur
What is an indicator of burial depth
What may occur in certain fossils
What may form during evaporite diagenesis
What may form from basalt
Clay type in the above
What may form generally from volcanics
Clay type in the above
What diagram charts sea level change
Short term changes and their maximum amplitutes
Maximum scale of the above
Long term changes and their maximum amplitude
Maximum scale of the above
What occurs under warm, arid conditions
What occurs under warm, moist conditions
What occurs under cool, moist conditions
What precipitates at pH3
What precipitates at pH4
What precipitate at pH7
What precipitates at pH 10
Tcr for particles where D> 400 um
Finall mode of sea level change

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