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External parasite
Internal parasite
Big parasite
Small parasite
Always parasitic for at least part of lifecycle
Opportunistic parasitism, evolutionary root
Example of the above
Transmission using 1 host
Transmission using multiple hosts
Host where sex occurs
Host where development/transport occurs
Host that actively deliers parasite to next host
Host where only transport occurs, no sex/development
2 major elements of nematode anatomy
Human pin worm name
Worms which lay eggs in faeces in soil
What do L2 larvae burrow through into bloodstream
What do they burrow through next
What happens next
Human round worm name
Human whipworm name
2 veterinary geohelminthes
Dog roundworm name
Mode of transmission in the above
Additional phases in hookworm lifecycle
Point of entry into human in the above
Paratenic host in dog roundworm
What activates dormant L2 larvae in the dog
By what means can puppies be infected
Disease transmitted between vertebrates
Proper name of river blindness
Species causing this
What vector does this use
Point of entry into the insect
Where do they migrate to
What to they develop into at this point
Body form in this species
Tow other species with this body form
Vector for these species
Severe disease which they can cause
Cause of trichinosis
Definitive host of the above
Intermediate host of the above
Modes of transmission in the above
Causes of anisakiasis
Intermediate hosts of the above
Definitive host of the above
From what do we contract anisakiasis
Guinea worm name
Intermediate host in the above
What do the L2 larvae burrow into bloodstream
In what regions do they mate
From what are larvae released
All of the above species are from what group
Three types of platyhelmith
Gender of cestodes
Name for the body
What is the above composed of
These detach from the posterior end as what
What do these contain
Name for the head
Beef tapeworm name
Definitive host
Intermediate host
Name for the egg
What do the L2 larvae burrow though into the bloodstream
Where do they encyst
In what do they encyst
Pig tapeworm name
What can the above cause
Study on Taenia phylogeny
Hosts of the closest relatives of the human beef and prok tapeworms
Where does this suggest they evolved
What did they evolve to infect
Fish tapeworm name
Name for the L2 stage
Host of the above
Name for the L3 stage
Host of the above
Definitive hosts
Dog tapeworm
Intermediate host
What do the larvae burrow through
Where to they encyst
What do they encyst in
From what is the outer wall of the above derived
From what is the inner wall derived
What doss the parasite also produce
What does the above bud
What does the above contain
Two types of trematode
Gender in the above
Typical lifestyle of monogenea
Mode of attachment
Ovoviviparous example of the above
Oviparous example of the above
What do the eggs hatch into
Mode of attachment in digenea
What do eggs hatch into
What does the above infect
What does it develop into
What does the above contain
What do the above develop into
What do the above develop into
What do the above develop into when conditions are harsh
Non hermaphroditic digenean exception
What makes them the exception
Schistosome species in faeces
Schistosome species in urine
Reproductive resting site on males
Two diseases causes by schistosomes
Disease caused by infection of wrong host
Cause of liver rot in sheep
Where to the miracidia encyst
Where to the adults like
Species where cercariae are released in slime balls from the snail
What eats the cercariae
Where do they encyst
Species with bird definitive host
What is the intermediate host
What part of the body does the parasite affect in the above
Unikont parasitic protists
Species with tetranucleate cysts
What is released from these cysts
Two other amoeba species
Chromalveolate parasitic protists
Characteristic organ in the above
Purpose of the above
What are its lateral anchors rich in
Name of the medial organelles which cause infection
General lifecycle stages
Mode of movement in apicomplexa
Coccidian apicomplexan
Mode of transmission
Host (species of Eirmeria are specific to each)
Process used to build resistance in juveniles
What form of the parasite is used to do this
Cause of cryptosporidiosis
Two types of oocyst
What can the latter cause in a host
Malaria parasite
5 species of the above (specific epithet only)
Name for the relict chloroplast in the malaria parasite
Function of the above
Entry point of liver by sporozoites
Long lived dormant phase in vivax and ovale
What cells do the merozoites infect
What activates the dormant gametocytes
What is the defintiive hsot in which this occurs
Female gametocyte
Male gametocyte
Product of sex
Where does this migrate to
It anchors on the outer surface of what
What does it develop into
Where do the sporozoites migrate
What type of mosquito will bite a human
Cause of toxoplasmosis
Definitive host of the above
Any species of what can be an intermediate
Fast, disease causing form
Slow, tough, dormant form
What do oocysts develop into
Disease the parasite can also cause in infants
Excavate parasitic protists
Exmaple with two equal cell nuclei
Name for the relict mitochondrion in this species
Example transmitted by sex
Name for the modified mitochondrion in this species
What are the products of metabolism in this organelle
Another group of flagellates
What do all of the above use in transmission
What organelle do they contain
What does this store
Cause of Human African Trypanosomiasis
Vector of the above
Late stage brain inflammation causes what
Other species of this genus
Vector of the above
Location of the above
Other trypanosome species
Vector of the above
Two types of immunity
What do B cells produce
Alternate name of the above
Coding region of the above which allows for recombination
Name for the types of immunoglobulin
Pentameric Ig type
Ig type for inflammation and parasite response
Ig with unknown function
Dimeric, secreted Ig
Circulatory Ig
Forms of an antigen
Replication of a B cell
Two differentiated forms of a B cell
Roles of antibodies
Roles of complement
Receptor type on T helper cells
Role of T helper 1
Role of T helper 2
What parasite type does the latter affect
Receptor type on cytotoxic cells
Pore forming enzyme secreted by the above
Secreted enxyme causing apoptosis
Self recognition molecule on every cell
What cell type is the exception to this
Surface molecule on antigen presenting cells
What do T helper cells release
What describes a historical balance of T helper 1 and 2
The modern excess of T helper causes what
Cells which cause inflammation
Molecule these cells release
What do microfilarial worms use to time movement between tissues
Where are they most prevalent during the day
Where are they most prevalent at night
Study showing rats with toxoplasmosis do no avoid cat odours
Study showing clustering of worms on tussocks where immunologically weak sheep feed
Attachment behaviour for dispersal (non-parasitic)
Free living larvae
Worms which infect a host with pathogenic bacteria
Three examples of the above
Infected hosts/total number of hosts
Method to determine parasite induced immune response
Study showing that helminth populations are aggregated
Characteristic of aggregation
Decline in infection intensity with age of an individual
In what ways do parasites take energy/nutrients from a host
Microlitres of blood consumed per day by Ascaris per day
Microlitres of blood consumed per day by Necator
Malaria has selected for individuals with genes for what disease
In what part of haemoglobin does the mutation present
How many mutated B globins give malaria resistance by not full sickle cell anaemia
Second haemoglobin disease selected for by malaria
Study showing 40% of worm load variation attributable to host genetics
Study showing the 6 immunological quantitative trait loci involved in this
Interaction phenotype between pathogen and host
Group selection shows that parasites should evolve towards what
IgM acts against which parasite species
Varied forms of antigen on trypanosomes
Protein on sporozoites
Length of the sporozoite phase
Protein of merozoites
What lowers the immune response to malaria in endemic areas over time
What do schistosomes coat themselves in
Study showing dynamic acquisition of host protein, using mice and monkeys
Multilayered surface skin of a schistosome
Protective substance in the tegument
What does the above protect against
When an existing infection prevents further invasion
Multiple infections over a long period of time
Reduction of an immune response due to a prolonged parasite infection
Gut cells which act like antigen presenting cells

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