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Reptilian ancestors of mammals
When did they split from sauropsids
Basal synapsid group
Derived group
Sister groups within the above
When did the latter originate
Jaw joint in mammal-like reptiles
Jaw joint in mammals
Jaw joint in transitional forms
Tooth type in mammals
What does this allow
Other masticatory adaptations
What permits simultaneous breathing and chewing
What separate digestion and breathing
Structure of the mammal heart
What do all of the above give
What does the above permit
Earliest mammals
Ecological niche
Large Triassic mammal group
Ecological niches in the above
First large carnivores
Example of the above
Earliest swimming mammal
What adaptation did they have
What niche did it allow them to act like
Earliest monotreme
Age of the above
Where does a single unusual monotreme fossil occur
Age of the above
Where did marsupials radiate
What permitted these radiations
Why have they been less successful otherwise
Oldest placental
Age of the above
What has contributed to placental success
What drove KTR mammal radiation
Author of the above
Cenozoic driver of diversity
Author of the above
Other major Cenozoic event
What shiift did it drive
Modern mammal biogeographic regions
What do the above reflect
Phenomenon seen in European bats
What identified the above
Author of the above
What aids kin selection in horseshoe bats
What identified the above
Author of the above
What allowed species survival during the LGM
What predicted the location of the above
What matched the above prediction
Technique to infer the above
Bat species in refugium
Location of the refugium
What threatens its genetic diversity
Author of the above
Anthropogenic influence on ecosystems
What may this trigger
Where was bat activity higher
Author of the above
What is parental dare
What is parental investment
What is parental expenditure
Examples of parental care
What is seen in long lived vertebrates
Example of the above
Author of the above
Frequency of direct male care
What is male care linked to
Groups in which biparental care mostly occurs
What do monotremes show
What do marsupials show
What do placentals show
Only groups with male lactation
What prevents it otherwise
Biases for female lactation
Quirks of human parental care
Why is the above the case
What affects degree of male investment
Care directed at non descendants
Three possible origins of the above
Meerkat brood care elements
What does stress reduce in subs
What determines individual investment
What reward induced more babysitting
Author of the above
What were anticorrelated in meerkats
What does the above permit
What does the above meet
Technique showing the above
Author of the above
Benefits of group living
What varied in rhesus macaques according to circumstance
Group size in deer-feeding European wolf
Group size in white tail deer-feeding American wolf
Group size in bison-feeding American wolf
Types of cooperative food acquisitoin
What does hyena grouping permit
What promotes polygyny
What do males need to dominate a group in some species
Where do lions hunt cooperatively
Another location where lions live in groups
Why is this the case in the above
What drives the above
Who are at a disadvantage as such
What showed a higher response to stranger lions
Author of the above
Why does infanticide benefit male lions
What increases with number of males in a pride
What do solitary males form
Tonbergen's 4 questions
What creates a problem for the evolution question
What is utilitarian in evolutionary terms
Most basic method of study
What does the above separate
Field method of study
What does the above do
What does it use to do this
Controlled method of study
What does the above correlate
Theoretical methods of study
Strong evidence for historical and current function
Costs of social living
Social complexity hypothesis
Large species exemplifying the above
Ecological constraints model
What does intragroup aggression produce
Mating strategy seen in wolves
What is it an example of
Why do subordinate pairs not invade
What correlated with relatedness in wolves
Two elements of reproductive competition under polygyny
What is seen in Serengeti cheetahs
What is usually the nature of the above
What causes female cheetah aggregation
Two types of social system in feral cats
What determines the above
Basic ecological pattern of small mammals
Examples of the above
Basic ecological pattern of medium mammals
Examples of the above
Basic ecological pattern of large mammals
Examples of the above
Protected animals
Uses of animal experimentation
What is used to morally evaluate an experiment
Axes in the above
Three Rs of experimentation
How are territories usually defined
How are they defined in domestic cats
What are inversely correlated
What does territory quality often denote
Species exemplifying the above
How specifically?
Easy ways to hold a territory
What do the above reduce
What limits territory size
What allows for larger territories
Least common time of territory
Example of the above
More common kind of territory
What exemplifies the above
Most common type of territory
Structure of spotted hyena social living
What allows flexible social behaviour
What does female choice determine
What determines the female dominance hierarchy
Who helps support dominance claims
What factor affects the above
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