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unencapsidated, non coding RNA pathogen
5 types of viral genome
term for non apoptotic cell death
tern for leaf discolouration
protein always produced in the first 5'-3' translation
protein produced 10% of the time in the 5'-3' translation
what permits the above phenomena
what are the above proteins required for
what type of RNA is produced by the first 3'-5' replication
to what do the proteins bind on this RNA
30 kDa protein produced in the next 5'-3' transcription
17.5 kDa protein produced in the above 5'-3' translation
the 30 kDa protein expands what in plants
expression of two dominant genes, intermediate phenotype
expression of two dominant genes in different areas
epistasis where the homozygous recessive state masks expression
epistasis where the the presence of a dominant allele masks expression
alleles for one trait affecting multiple, unrelated traits
single phenotype resulting from multiple genes
unit of recombination frequency
selection acting against one extreme
selection acting against both extremes
selection acting against the mean
loss of variability at a locus due to drift
loss of evolvability due to inbreeding
loss of variability due to strong positive selection
ability to survive and reproduce
number of offspring produced relative to others
number of offspring produced
proportion of genes shared with kin
sum of the previous two
negative trend of mammal size with increasing climate
positive trend of endotherm limb length with increasing climate
positive trend of endotherm pigmentation with increasing climate
adaptation in one's lifetime to changing conditions
++ interaction
+0 interaction
-0 interaction
00 interaction
+- interaction
-- interaction

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