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L2 - Carbonate Contact Metamorphism

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Carbonate contact metamorphism (no answer)
What controls the type of rock formed during contact metamorphism
Result of metamorphosis of carbonate
Types of carbonate lithology
Breakdown temperature of calcite
Breakdown temperature of dolomite
Breakdown temperature of magnesite
Breakdown temperature of siderite
What increases breakdown temperature
Reactants and products of siliceous limestone breakdown
What lowers the breakdown temperature in the above
Siliceous dolostone zone 1 index mineral
Temperature of the above zone
Siliceous dolostone zone 2 index mineral
Temperature of the above zone
Siliceous dolostone zone 3 index mineral
Temperature of the above zone
Siliceous dolostone zone 4 index mineral
Temperature of the above zone
Siliceous dolostone zone 5 index minerals
Temperature of the above zone
Siliceous dolostone zone 6 temperature
What may water produce in the above index minerals
Polymorph of periclase
Polymorph of forsterite
What may cause contact metamorphism
Example of the above
Into what does the above intrude
Pelitic contact metamorphism (no answer)
Controls on the grade of contact metamorphism
Ideal depth range for contact metamorphism
Two primary minerals in pelites
High temperature version of the Barrovian zones
Index minerals for the five zones of the above
Above 700 degrees C, what other minerals may appear
Example of a pelitic metamorphic contact
Two types of country rock into which the above intrudes
What had occurred to the rocks previously
What sequence will the above produce
What process caused desilification in the current example
Barrovian metamorphism (no answer)
Barrovian sequence minerals
Scenarios which may promote Buchan zone formation
In both sequences, what is the name for the division between zones
General metamorphics (no answer)
Controls on metamorphism
Equation governing phase change
What is the requirement for application of the above
Limit to the number of phases it can mathematically account for
Microtectonics (no answer)
Brittle, incohesive fault rock, >30 fragments
Brittle, incohesive fault rock,
Brittle, cohesive fault rock
Ductile, cohesive fault rock
The above with large crystals
What is the name for these large crystal
By what process do they form
Ductile, cohesive fault rock with a pelitic protolith
Texture of the above
Threshold temperature between cataclasis and mylonitisation
Grain scale processes affecting texture
3 categories of porphyoblast
Characteristics of pre tectonic porphyroblasts
Characteristics of post kinematic porphyroblasts
What does the last of the above indicate
Metabasite metamorphism (no answer)
Another term for basic
5 minerals generally appearing in progression with low to high grade metabasite metamorphism
What causes the first of the above
What causes the last of the above
Low PT amphibole
Medium PT amphibole
High PT amphibole
Low pressure lithlogical series
Medium pressure lithlogical series
High pressure lithological series
Where is this last progression common
High temperature produces what
The above and high temperature together cause what
What is the product of the above
Index mineral of blueschist facies
Alongside garnet, what other mineral occurs in eclogite

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