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Where olfactory relation ships involve many species
Technique used to separate chemical samples
What can be run at the same time as above to detect sensory capabilities
Structures near the base of olfactory antennae
What do the neuronal output of these connect to
Simple mode of flight in insects
What wing shape generates lift
What determines lift versus turublence
Elements of powered flight
Direct muscle-sclerite pairs
Two sets of indirect muscles
What does body contraction for flapping also help
One nerve impulse = one wing flap
One nerve impulse = flutter
Theory where insects evolved gliding lobes
Extinct insect group showing thoracic lobes
Theory where wings evolved from stiffened gill plates
Phylogenetic theory of wing origins
In the above what became the muscle attachment points
What became the sclerites
Thermal system in insects
What is used to predict development time
Rainfall triggers what pest
Drought triggers what pest
What does the drought kill
State of preplanned arrested development
Arrested development in response to inclement conditions
What do insects use to withstand cold temperatures
What advantage does laying larvae rather than eggs provide
What structure do butterflies use for feeding
What reproductive structure s occur in some male insects
What might the above be used for
What can be used to calculate the number of eggs laid by a female in her lifespan
What do the trachaea lead into in aquatic insects
Which segments is the mouth between in insects
Typical thermal tolerance range of insects
Day degrees equation

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